Bizplexus is a total solution for managing the day-to-day activities in your business. It comes with an amazing suit of features designed to help you run a more successful business. This integrated system is one of its kind and will contribute greatly to your bottom line. See below for a summary of key features found in the staff login area.

  • Dashboard — Manage new activities in the system in Summary page. Individual admin users can manage their calendar, tasks, and documents. Staff can submit timesheets, request time off, make purchase requests, file expense claims, register for classes, and apply for new jobs.

  • Contacts — Organize all your contact records in a secured database, including personal details, membership, and financial history. Contacts can be imported from Google, Yahoo!, Mail.com, and Microsoft Outlook.

  • Matters — Use case management to track your services, issues, and customer relationships with ease. Tasks, appointments, and documentation can be assigned to one or more staff. You can bill for services, accept various payments, and let the system takes care of bookkeeping.

  • Exchange — Communicate with contacts and staff via built-in emails, messages, SMS/texts, faxes, and letters. Incoming and outgoing phone calls can be documented and copied to staff so that nobody misses them.

  • Finance — Capture all financial transactions and perform automated accounting entries, inventory control, and store management. A number of financial reports are provided, including aging, sales, purchases, journals, ledgers, taxes, and financial statements.

  • HR — Oversee your staff activities and records, including recruiting, timesheets, payroll, purchase requests, expense reimbursement, and training classes. Accounting for payroll transactions is done by the system automatically.  

  • Public — Empower your business with 10 ecommerce and content management modules, namely Advertising, Blog, Directory, Events, Forum, Helpdesk, Jobs, Media, Newsletters, and Onlinestore.  

  • Utilities — Configure Bizplexus according to your business needs. You can create custom forms and manage system access using various options. Utilities section is also where you store various business and system settings.

  • Options — Let individual users set their preferences for account settings, screen display, and work schedule. Users can also create text macros and letter templates for use in many places in the system to speed up data entries.